This year has had countless “What the hell just happened” moments. From preparing for a wedding that didn’t happen, to tragedy that struck my family. From running around Lambeau Field at my very first Packer Game with my favorite group of girls chanting the Packer anthem, to dates that went great and some that weren’t so great and “almost relationships” that broke my already broken heart.

This year plays out like a tragic cliché movie in my head. Like that final scene where that girl is standing on the train platform after running block after block hoping to make it there in time to meet her significant other. She stands on the train platform as the train whistles past, and a melancholy piano script starts to play. As she stands there flashes of their budding romance flash back and forth in her head, and just as she realizes losing him was the biggest mistake of all the train ends, his face appears on the other side of the platform, and a sigh of relief is made by all (like we didn’t see that coming).

Mine is kind of like that except the flashes in my head are all this years moments, I shed some tears and laughter and then more tears and more laughter, however in this version when the train ends there isn’t a sigh of relief. Not because I need a man to stand on the other side ready to save me but because at the end of this the problems are not solved however there is a moment of contentment, just a moment, because there is much learned from 2016.

Don’t chase unrequited love. I am not your mother, so I am not going to sit and tell you all the reasons why you’re amazing and how much better off you are although it is true but I am going to tell you that I have a little bit of wisdom. Guys will tell you they love you and turn right around and change their mind. Heck they will ask you to marry them and turn around and change their mind. I learned this year that I chased someone who wasn’t ready for the love I had to give. I chased love that didn’t love me back and I didn’t deserve that and neither do you.

Don’t ditch your girlfriends. Never will any guy be worth ditching a girls night over…ever. Enough said.

“Almost” Relationships are exactly that…”almost”. I am still trying to learn my way around this one but its a tricky one. I am pretty sure if they aren’t willing to make it official they never will.

You will not find your husband on tinder/bumble on Saturday night so get off it. This year dating apps were a rough one for me. They really take dating to a whole new level and often just ruin your confidence. luckily I learned quickly and got off of it as soon as my friends finally had enough of it.

Family comes first. This is one I struggle most with. I often would be asked to stay home with my little sister Ella for a few hours while my parents ran errands, or were at a basketball game for one of my other siblings, most times I loved spending cozy nights in with Ella and there are so many memories I got to have forever, but there were nights that I wanted to go be with friends that i would put up a fight or have Ella go over to one of my other older siblings house so they could watch her because she was always going to be here…right?

The morning before Ella passed away my parents went off to church and because Ella wasnt feeling good she stayed home. I was getting ready to go on a date so I stayed with her until my parents got home. I checked on Ella and she looked at me and said “If I need you, I can call you and you’ll come right?”…of course I told her. I noticed that my parents were taking forever and I was starting to get worried I would be late. So i called my parents in a frantic and they said they were five minutes away and I could leave. Ella passed away the next morning.

Friends, will understand a little change in plan and if they don’t understand they are not your friend. I should have changed my plan that morning, stayed a little longer for her. Just another lesson learned

Life is too short. It is so so so short. When my sister died it truly is an unreal realization of what little time we have here. we constantly think we have all this time. The main thing I learned in 2016 is that time is a gift and life is short.


2 thoughts on “SAYING GOODBYE TO 2016.

  1. Alice says:

    Firstly so sorry to hear of your loss! I agree with all of your points apart from the one about dating apps- you get a lot of idiots but several of my friends are in long-term relationships with people they met on Tinder. Ultimately everything is online these days so chances are you’re going to meet your partner on an app!


    • abbyschiek says:

      thank you! you definitely can find good ones! I suppose I was a little biased! There are just to many immature guys at this stage of life but i know once they grow up a bit hopefully it’ll be easier!


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