The Truth


When your ex moves on before you, its going to make you second guess everything.  Your going to hear that he has moved on, people will whisper about it, your friends will give each other a look when out at a bar and you know that they spotted him but you act like you didn’t see it and accept there urge to go to another bar cause the “DJ here sucks”  and you’ll hold off doing any Facebook stalking because the minute you come face to face with the first picture of the two of them together with the hashtag #inlove your going to realize that it is real and that the little hope of not actually seeing it with your own eyes is gone. That little hope of maybe its not true, goes flying out the window like it was never there.

He moved on…he moved on first and it hurts. Yes I am better off with out him, yes I deserve better, yes he is a jerk…yes I get it but it still hurts. No one can ever tell you how fast or how slow you move on. I have heard many things about him and when they say the truth always comes out, they mean it. I am sure you all can imagine what truths I am talking about.  I messaged him… I asked him for the truth and told him the truth would not hurt me anymore then he already has. silence.

I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again. silence is so much louder then words. God gave me this time to heal, he hardened my heart toward him and made me see the beauty, and potential of this life. He knew that the truth would come out and when it did, it wouldn’t be as painful because I’ve been made stronger. So in honor of the Truth, my girls and I decided a girls night and bonfire was fit….

Its was time to say goodbye once and for all and rid myself of every last memory holding me down and it felt great!

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