Being single.

I complain all the time about being single, how lonely it is, how annoying it is to not have a dance partner, how sad I feel when I just want to curl up on the couch, in the arms of someone who loves me and vent about my day. I see the perfect Instagram picture of a beautiful couple often times reading their bible, sipping on coffee, or working out together with the hashtag #relationshipgoals stamped in a comment, and it sucks every time. It has been a long time since I have been single, after my first serious relationship I jumped right into my next one with my ex fiance…and we all know how that went. I complain and complain and complain until my friends snap at me and open my blurred eyes. I am single but I am happy.

I may not have a man, but I have a group of friends that I’ve never had before. When I sit and truly reminisce about my “single status” I realize I’ve done more for myself the last 4 months then I ever have. The last few months have been filled with so many exciting things. My volleyball league ended but it allowed me to create so many great friendships.

I kicked off fall by going to Oktoberfest with my best friend, we went out and danced the whole night away, something we both needed! Me and a couple of  girlfriends did Escape Appleton which was just a blast,  it is basically just a giant scavenger hunt around Appleton, we lost… horribly…but we laughed uncontrollably. I went to my first packer game! I know i’m from Wisconsin and it has taken me 22 years to go to a real live game! It was one of the funnest experiences I have ever had and guess what….I didn’t go with a guy, I went with a group of girls. We all went out in Milwaukee for a mutual friends birthday! A group of crazy, drunk girls running around Milwaukee, ill just let you think about how that night went.

I got a tattoo…yes you read that right, I permanently marked my body with a tattoo and it is way bigger then I thought it would be but I love it! I got a elephant because my little sister was inseparable with her stuffed elephant.So what better tattoo to get to remember her by. I went out for Halloween, I’ve had nights out dancing, I’ve worked out with friends, I’ve had sleepovers and I’ve done it with my girls! I HAVE dance partners, I HAVE people that love me, who will let me curl up on their couch and vent, I HAVE work out buddies and quite frankly I think my work out buddy is much more a #relationshipgoal then yours.

So to all my single girls or girls with shitty boyfriends (cause I know there are some of you) being single is not that bad. Take it from the girl who thought her days as a single lady were over. A girl who when “single ladies” came on at a wedding and the bride got ready to toss her bouquet, would stick her nose in the air, put her hand down and flaunt her fiance. A girl who still has her wedding dress, she never got to wear hanging in the closet. If your single embrace it, even if you have been single for years and your lonely and ready to find Mr. Right, it sucks I get it but embrace the stage of life your in because there is a reason your single still… it is because you haven’t met the man God created for you, and that is okay. Be encouraged in the fact that there really is someone out there made specifically for you. Go on dates, there is nothing more fun then dating and having conversation. We don’t need to marry ever guy who takes us out to dinner. Hey just look at how much fun I’ve been having being single….

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