Saying Goodbye to Ella

“Saying goodbye…This isn’t the kind of goodbye that your friends can say “you’re better off” or “you’ll get over it with time”. This is a body numbing kind of pain that makes you sick to your stomach…one that will always hurt, the kind of pain that makes you question your faith and everything you thought you believed in. How can we ever think there is a reason behind the death of a child– or any family member, friend, or loved one for that matter? How do we continue to live and move on after something so tragic happens to us? Everyone always says God has a reason for everything…but what is the reason for this? I can tell you that the break up Abby faced two weeks before her wedding had a reason—so she could be with her family during this incredibly terrible time…when they need her more than ever…BUT it was also so she could do what Ella would have wanted her to do. Find herself and be truly happy. Ella was spunky, goofy, and full of life. She brought a smile to everyone’s face…She was confident and fearless. I watched a video Abby shared with me of Ella singing Let it Go from Frozen. She sang at the top of her lungs with confidence and pure happiness. That’s what she wants for Abby. Ella was put in Abby’s life to teach her this lesson and her passing will be Abby’s drive to be who she’s always wanted to be. Abby isn’t your ordinary girl…She is a lot like Ella in the way that she brings a smile to everyone’s face she’s around. When I’m with her I’m laughing the entire time, mostly at her but sometimes with her. I hope Abby, as you go through this incredibly tough time that you keep your faith and happiness, because that’s what Ella would have wanted. I hope you pursue your dreams—be a hairdresser, a singer, a wife—whatever YOU want. Take Ella as an example of the kind of attitude and spunk you should take on life with and never ever give up. Always have faith, and especially always know you have a support system that stretches miles, hundreds of people who would give anything to help you in this time, and an incredible family who is so closely knit and strengthened by faith and love.. Rest in peace, sweet Ella. You are so incredibly loved and missed.”
Guest writer: Jessica Miedl

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