Bar Volleyball League

Today I had the option to turn left out of the Walgreen’s parking lot and drive past his work, just to see if maybe he was there or go right and head home. I chose right…

To some this is nothing, to others this is a huge step. We all do it, we all stalk Facebook so well the FBI should consider giving us a job, just to see if there is any update, we try going to the same places hoping we “bump” into them just to see how they are doing, we even pretend that guy at the bar who is asking where the bathroom is, is actually flirting so we fake laugh and hit his arm in the hopes that maybe your ex is looking (if your wondering..yes this happened, he only wanted to know where the bathroom was). Don’t pretend i’m the only one…i’m just the only one being honest about it. So today when I decided to go right I felt sad at first but then felt just a tiny bit stronger. I am a mess don’t get me wrong. I am currently writing this on a McDonald’s bag in a parking lot… sad huh?

After choosing to not drive past his work , I decided to blocked him on Facebook and then deleted his number. Its a good day i’d say.

Despite the troubles that come day to day, I decided to join a bar volleyball league with one of my best friends. I have never done one before but have always really wanted to, so since I am doing new thing’s I decided to join one with a group of friends. It. is. awesome. Some people may think i’m just a little sheltered that I think a bar volleyball league is super exciting but it is! Just to relax, drink and laugh at how terrible I am  is enjoyable especially since I had never done something like it before. I think so many people need to experience new things, get out of your comfort zone, talk to a stranger,do hot yoga, or join a volleyball league no matter how terrible you are! Laughter is the best cure and I have a lot of people around me that keep me laughing! Even if my new experiences are because of recent heartbreak I am so glad they are happening. Today is just another day of saying goodbye to him and hello to me.


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