Hot Yoga

“No, I am not doing ok.”

“Yes, I know there is plenty of fish in the sea.”

“No, we have not talked.”

“Yes, I miss him.”

“I understand everything happens for a reason and God has a plan..thank you”

It has been a couple weeks since he left and it’s been tough! I got the questions and the answers to them down pat. Remember when I told y’all i’d keep making mistakes… well I drank a little too much this weekend and bumped into him. Let’s just say… I went a little nuts. Sometimes it’s ok though. I think I forget how traumatic this has been and I brush it off until I’ve bottled it up so much that I’m holding back tears. Or in this case screaming at your ex. Sometimes you just need to get it out. Seeing him broke me into a million pieces but I have the most amazing friends and family! My family has hardly left my side and my friends are just phenomenal! From yelling at him any chance they get (not recommended but sweet of them) to running to my side at the drop of a hat.

I recently started doing “Hot Vinyasa Yoga” at Embody Yoga, downtown Oshkosh, and of course my wonderful friends offered to join. Basically you are doing yoga in a 100 degree room, and sweating profusely. If you’re like me and have never done yoga before be prepared to laugh… a lot. It is supposed to clear your mind and make your body at ease. With everything going on I figured it would be good for me! I went to my second class tonight with my friend and it went a bit smoother. I always wanted to do yoga and what better time than now! At the end of the class you lay flat, close your eyes and breathe deep. Renewing your mind, body and soul. This is called Shavasana. In this moment of complete stillness, and silence, my mind vividly returned to the exact moment I got engaged. I could feel every emotion, hear every sound, and taste the sweet kisses of happiness when I answered “yes”. In that moment of shavasana I whispered to myself “Let it go”and although ill probably think about that moment forever it gave me a sense of release and peace.  Not letting that moment define me is what is going to push me to the next great defining moment. So even though i’m still broken and sad at times i’m getting better. Today is day two of saying goodbye to him and hello to me.

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